Sound Castaways in Second Life

Of Sound Mind (general)

Have you noticed that lost things are found by accident? Lost tribes and civilizations are often uncovered in much the same way – you head out in a direction and, no matter what your original purpose, the discoveries along the way might surprise you.

The Intrepid Explorer had that experience today. Out in the middle of the ocean she found a virtual Land that Time Forgot (not the remake, the original one↑).

Of Sound Mind (general)

The castaways who were forced to survive on this strange piece of rock had to contend with very unusual life-forms. Well let’s just be blunt – bugs. Lots of giant bugs.

They were not only a hardy and enterprising crew, they were also sound artists. Our heroine imagines an orchestra was on that fateful trip, with the technicians, instrument creators and generally creative types that bring sound to everyone’s life in all worlds.

Of Sound Mind (general)

Not only did they survive, this group of stranded sound people↑ (sounders? sound painters? sound builders?) flourished. They have managed to integrate their auditory obsessions with the wild, untamed, environment around them.

The Explorer has to describe what she sees with words and images, so the huge gap in this story is actually the most important part of understanding the culture that has been created. What you hear.

Of Sound Mind (general)

Oh you’ll see giant creatures, and stunningly beautiful musical art and instruments, and a zip-line you have to experience; but the sounds! From a thunderstorm on top of a mountain to interactive musical installations – this is a feast for the ears.

Two last items before the Explorer goes to play some more on this island of lost creators – firstly the “Obligatory Spooky Cave” doesn’t contain spiders. Fair warning! Secondly you better have your sound and streams turned on – if you don’t you’ll miss all the important things. Beginning with this video↑ playing in the amphitheatre – it made her smile. :)

Of Sound Mind (general)
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