Distracted (again!) in Second Life

Inaka (general)

I need to cultivate more discipline, I really do. There’s a stack of notes on my desk with the names of sims and art exhibits that I really need to share. Then there are sticky notes all over my computer with landmarks and reminders of destinations I need to explore.

On top of all that, I keep wanting to go back to places – but, then I think, I’ve posted about them already. Of course it might have been months or years ago, still you all remember everything right? sigh

Inaka (general)

The problem I have is that there is so much to see! I land somewhere on a whim and get captivated and the piles of notes and reminders get pushed aside.

Today I found myself in this fascinating combination of shiny industrial and old and I couldn’t leave. I landed in a coffee shop with all sorts of cool things to click on – but, the real eye-opener was what I saw when I ventured outside.

Inaka (general)

I don’t know what is at sea level on Kabuki Ewing’s↑ island, I didn’t get that far. What I did see is a town↑ hundreds of meters in the air that includes narrow back alleys and open areas. You can explore up and down and in and outside and it’s wonderous.

Inaka (general)

I’m not showing you the park or the hovel somebody lives in under the street or ….. well you get the idea. I have extreme builder’s envy and, as frustrated as I am about all these pieces of paper floating around my keyboard, I loved my time on this sim↑.

There’s so much to see in Second Life and so much f*cking talent. I’ll get to the rest of it later, in the meantime there’s another alley that needs to be explored.

Inaka (general)
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  1. No, no, no, Honour, you don’t need more discipline, you are fine and discipline is for people who already have discipline. hehehe. Actually, from the outside looking in, you appear to have plenty of discipline in your writing and photography, and that’s all that matters in the end. /me smiles

    I love your latest discovery. I can’t wait to visit this place with it’s back alleys and big city feel. I can imagine many types of role play that could occur in a place like this.

  2. Ellen

     /  November 18, 2012

    Oh Honour, just have pity on all of us out here who have sticky-note’d your sticky notes and are trying to get to all these wonderful places you have visited! I finally just quit saving your individual posts on my blog reader….as I know I need to just go back and visit everything! :D Thank you for doing all the leg work for us! ;-)

  3. You could explore certain places in Zindra if you need more discipline …

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