Concrete & Neon in Second Life

Concrete Cube Light (moderate)

I was on my way to a LEA↑ installation that’s all about sound in Second Life, but I got distracted by some bright lights. :) I’ll get to the other one soon – I promise!

Rising up out of the ocean is a giant concrete structure painted in neon. Cher Lyric↑ has chosen an ideal backdrop to experiment and force me to stop thinking that neon is tacky.

Concrete Cube Light (moderate)

From the name (Concrete Cube Light↑) you might be forgiven for expecting one giant room. It’s actually multiple blocks and displays with different lighting effects.

He’s very good at making sure you are surprised when you climb each set of stairs or turn a new corner.

Concrete Cube Light (moderate)

Cher’s description of the exhibit includes the words industrial and reggae – an intriguing combination. It’s a cool build and one that plays on both light and texture; you might not realize how effective concrete can be as both a backdrop and a counterpoint. This will convince you.

Concrete Cube Light (moderate)

I enjoyed this. I’m still not sold on the idea of living with neon, but I’m now a believer that it can be used effectively in art – at least if somebody with talent chooses it as a medium.

Concrete Cube Light (moderate)
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