The Second Life Park on Nostos Deer

Nostos Deer (moderate)

A park is defined as “an area of land set aside for public use”. The content of that area depends on the topography, geology, cultivation (as  in flower beds perhaps) or the lack thereof.

In Second Life an island is a blank canvas and the content is up to the whim and inclination of the designer. The park on Nostos Deer↑ is a great example.

Nostos Deer (moderate)

There’s a beach where you can relax in the sun, a mountain tram, a canyon with an old dock and canoe at the point it opens to the sea. There is also barren rock and soil for those who want to turn their backs on lush forests.

Nostos Deer (moderate)

It includes an odd collection of objects and almost surreal placement of chairs and places for contemplation. There is a lot of humour here as well. The little cabin where I found the next image has a fish flapping in the sink. You have to see it to understand. :)

Nostos Deer (moderate)

I love this park. It’s a great place to wander or sit and think, and the mix of objects and landscape elements will make anybody happy.

I should point out, for those of you who have followed my adventures for a while and know about my *cough* issues with vehicles; this was not my fault. I might have been onboard but I was not driving the damn thing!

Nostos Deer (moderate)
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  1. I love this.

  2. janeathers

     /  December 2, 2012

    oops i meant to say amazing picture

  1. nostos deer: whimsy with a surreal touch | Living in the Modem World

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