Bemusing Scenes in Second Life

Wintersweet (moderate)

I was working on a photo essay for a magazine and happened upon Wintersweet↑. It wasn’t what I wanted but it was intriguing, so I landmarked it and went back this morning.

This is going to be one of those times I can tell you what I saw, but I really don’t think I can explain it.

Wintersweet (moderate)

I landed near, what turned out to be, a hotel with formal gardens, fountains and sculptures. Nearby was a dragon and a old style germanic castle-type of thing. The sister sim includes a portion of a town and there was at least one tank next to an old tug boat.

There is a theme. It’s called “Scenes, the philosophy of retro-eroticism”. More information was revealed with the words “classic porn”. This started to make sense when I saw an old Victorian style greenhouse which could have come straight from Lady Chatterley↑.

Wintersweet (moderate)

This is a moderate sim, so it’s not like avatar sex is taking place in every nook and cranny. It’s more that the scenes are designed to inspire fantasies that you might wish to explore. I think.

I lost count of how many different “scenes” there are. The nice thing, apart from great textures and superb builds, is that the landscape is fully integrated – there’s no sense you’re wandering into oddly juxtaposed designs. All of the vastly different content seems to get along just fine.

Wintersweet (moderate)

If you’re looking for classic porn, or just want a lot of choice in backdrops, this is a very cool destination. It has rules though, they sold me on the place as soon as I saw them.

Sim Rules …

Respect the Linden TOS!

NO child or animal sex!

NO beheadings, amputations or cannibalism!

NO fascism, socialism, communism, maoism!

NO left or right wing or do-gooder fascists!

NO white, black, red, green or whatever racism!

NO religious madness like hate preaching, women stoning or burning of witches!

Wintersweet (moderate)
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