“… this horse is a horse”, Guernica in Second Life

Guernica @ LEA6 (moderate)

Administrivia Warning! For those of you unfamiliar with this collection of idle thoughts; you can click on the photos to see them full size, the captions on the photos always link to the location slurls, and I use a  to indicate a link that will open a new window.

I’m slipping into lecture mode for this post (sorry). I suspect (although I’ve been wrong a time or two) that a large percentage of Second Life residents are unfamiliar with the mural Guernica↑.

Guernica @ LEA6 (moderate)

Oh you’ve probably heard of Picasso↑, and maybe even encountered the Spanish Civil War↑ during some boring history class, but you might not have had an opportunity to experience the power of this work of art.

I strongly recommend you take advantage of the current exhibit on LEA6 to see the version created by Lizzie Gudkov↑  and London Junkers↑. First though, it will be very helpful if you do some reading↑. I know homework is annoying, but no knowledge goes unused and this is worth the effort. :)

Guernica @ LEA6 (moderate)

I’d like to imagine that this point in history was the last time young people thought war was romantic (and they did).  Volunteers from around the world rushed to the Republican cause and lost their lives. The impact on the local citizens was, and always is, criminal.

The quote in the title is from Picasso’s explanation (or rather, dismissal of) the symbolism in his work. I’m relating it to the way distance makes war seem neat and tidy. No matter how noble the cause, the death and destruction cannot be romanticized, and this portrayal of the aftermath of the bombing of a town called Guernica should be fixed in all of our memories.

Guernica @ LEA6 (moderate)

Think of it as a chance to take advantage of the grid’s ability to expand your horizons.

I’ve posted on a variety of 3d, inworld representations of great art (Rodin’s Gates of Hell↑ is just one example). Visiting this type of installation is a lot cheaper than flying around the world to see them and I appreciate the gift.

It’s good to spend a bit of time thinking about something larger than ourselves. :)

Guernica @ LEA6 (moderate)
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