Tears in Rain, A Future World in Second Life

If I tell you that the futuristic cityscape by Noke Yuitza↑ is called Tears in Rain, you can probably guess that it’s not all sunshine and roses.

The city itself reminds me of machine rooms from my past, full of “big blue” mainframes. I’m sure that’s purely coincidental. :)

As a quick side note, I had a conversation last year with an Italian artist (in the middle of an hysterical, surreal, and loud effort to corral a famous European DJ and get him oriented) when I said I was going to have to learn her language. She insisted there weren’t many from her country inworld. Well you couldn’t prove that by me!

If I’m translating the text correctly, this installation reflects the United States of the Earth at some point following social unrest, plague, and (of course) the Robot War.

I think the robots might have prevailed – but there’s evidence that they didn’t all do very well.

Technology is in control of everyday life – and, it seems, that much of what we’re supposed to believe in our environment is actually a projection.

Tears in Rain↑ is well worth visiting – although I’d rather not live it. There is a lot of information around the build and, if you speak Italian, you’ll have a better grasp of our unfortunate future.

For one thing, if I’m right about those mainframes, the concept of motherboard has been taken far too literally. :)

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  1. Any time the humans lose, the robots win.


  2. Maybe a few but good ones. I’m living proof… ;)
    If you need help learning Italian ask away. I’d be glad to help.

  3. Aloha Honour! Wow… What amazing captures!!! Thanks a lot for visiting! :D
    I finish Tears in Rain on x-mas day, so there’s more to visit now since November and it would be a pleasure if you come again :)

    You get quite ok the message, although the text-textures are in italian! (they are in IT because the original version was for an Italian project in June) But if you want to read the info box-note-post in english, I let you here this link that contains also the 1st chapter of the book that inspired this intervention:

    Yes, it was purely coincidental that about the “city itself reminds me of machine rooms from my past”, but I like that memory of yours a lot! I think it fits quite ok. And… coincidences really exist?

    About Italians in SL… Maybe your friend is right saying that not too much Italians are in world, but I’ve met a lot of Italian people in SL and all are involved in cultural activities in some way. A lot of the greatest artists in Second Life are Italian, per example. I use to work more with Italians in world, although I’m Spanish ;)

    Hope to see you in world!

    Noke Yuitza

  1. Tears in Rain, the project | Noke Yuitza
  2. TEARS IN RAIN, el proyecto | Noke Yuitza

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