The Stunning Goatswood Landscape in Second Life

Goatswood (adult)

You know what’s depressing? I’m never going to see everything on the grid; I’m going to miss things and I know there are amazing landscapes, art and objects that I would enjoy.

I was reminded of this when I landed on today’s destination. It’s obviously been around for a while and I had no idea. I fell in love with this landscape and could easily spend hours adjusting the light and enjoying the changes.

Goatswood (adult)

I say it all the time, but believe me, my images do not do Goatswood↑ justice. You have to see this place. If they needed a marketing tagline, I would suggest “Come and live in a Constable↑ Painting”.

Apart from being my newest slider playground, this is a Victorian Gothic residential roleplay community. It is set in the latter part of the 1800s when people still believed in natural magic and were coming to terms with science.

Goatswood (adult)

There is a lot of information for you at the landing spot, read it, then grab your 3 day Visitor’s Ticket and take the train to the local station. If you’re interested in a comprehensive role play environment with a well thought out story and a stunning backdrop – this may be your new home.

From the purely visual point of view, the textures are deep and rich and layered. I wish I’d had more time to do a better job of capturing this build.

Goatswood (adult)

I’ve been fighting a computer that likes to shutdown for no apparent reason. The helpful websites providing me with suggestions keep warning me that this can take a toll on my hard drive. I’d like to point out that Honourware is much harder to replace, thank you, and the toll on me is much greater than it is on this mess of wires and oddly shaped bits. Not that they care. :)

I have friends dealing with far worse problems right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that my frustration level is pretty high. I did something different with the wiring this morning and maybe that fixed it, but Goatswood↑ took my mind off this issue. It’s a countryside I could happily get lost in for days … assuming that the machine keeps working.

Goatswood (adult)
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  1. Looks well worth a visit; thanks Honour

  2. My computer had been shutting down randomly for some time before I figured out it was because my power supply was way too small for the graphics card. Many off the shelf computers only have a 300 W power supply when the graphics card they have installed require 600 W or more. I bought and installed a 750W power supply, and it fixed the problem which had been driving me crazy for way too long!

    • I’m learning that random shutdowns are a favourite hobby of computers. :) Unfortunately (at least in this case) the power supply is big enough – but something is loose somewhere … I think. I spent a lot of time swapping out hard drives when I first inherited this computer – and I suspect it’s for the same reason. So I tighten things, and move plugs, and I’m fine for a while. Sometimes I can go for 10 hours without a problem, sometimes it doesn’t last 10 minutes.
      I’m building character :P

  3. Your images of this sim make me want to log in to SL, which I have not done much lately. Thanks for sharing.

    On the subject of your computer — my last two laptops started to shut down randomly at the start of the process I call “planned obsolescence.” Computers used to be equipment we counted on for years and years. Now they seem to be office supplies that manufacturers believe we need to replace every two years. Its maddening given what they cost.

    • Planned Obsolescence makes sense – unfortunately they’re smarter than a toaster, so they can spend considerable time messing with our sanity before they implode. :p

  1. Goatswood - SLUniverse Forums

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