Giovanna’s Reflections in Second Life

Reflections @ LEA14 (moderate)

I consider myself a woman who cultivates an awareness of her internal life. I’m self aware and I consciously explore and analyze my thoughts, motivations, actions, and feelings. What I am not is an artist. sigh

Reflections @ LEA14 (moderate)

Giovanna Cerise↑ is both a woman who reflects on her inner journey and a talented artist. Her new exhibition↑ has opened and it provides a path through colour and movement with an element of struggle or frustration.

Reflections @ LEA14 (moderate)

You’ll climb (and teleport) through a magical shifting construct. It isn’t always straight forward, however. As beautiful as it is, the path shifts and confounds and intrigues.

For those who don’t know me, that means I fell a few times. :)

Reflections @ LEA14 (moderate)

You can appreciate this work as simply a beautiful build if you don’t want to try and comprehend a woman’s mind.

Me? I’d like to think my internal world was this extraordinary – maybe it was before age made things a little less shiny. I’ll just stand here and think about that. :p

Reflections @ LEA14 (moderate)
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