Fellini’s Dreams in Second Life

Fellini Oniricon (general)

I had one of those mornings that ensure I keep coming back to Second Life. It’s not entirely clear in my mind how I wound up there, but I landed on Imparafacile↑ and found something that made me smile.

I should give you a bit of background in explanation. There are three moments as a film-goer that, even at my advanced age, I remember with absolute clarity and wonder; Godard’s Weekend↑, Bunuel’s The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie↑, and Fellini’s Amarcord↑.

Fellini Oniricon (general)

I don’t know which came first, his obsession with dreams or his fondness for Carl Jung↑, but in 1960 Fellini↑ began to document his dreams and used them to fashion and influence his movies.

The Fellini Oniricon↑ documents his dream diaries and links them to the films that resulted. The project was edited and produced by Livio Korobase↑ and is done in conjunction with the release of the third volume of his digital “Book of My Dreams”. Livio considers dreams a type of Second Life, so creating this exhibit inworld seems appropriate.

Fellini Oniricon (general)

If you have seen any of  the films (particularly those after 1960) you will find the dream notes very familiar. The themes and images he used are clearly those he captured in his sleep.

One of the reasons I enjoyed my excursion so much is that Livio was there and I had the pleasure of speaking with him. He pointed out that dreams are not always logical and the layout of the exhibit, while easy to follow, mirrors some of the illogic you would expect to find.

Fellini Oniricon (general)

In addition to the text and images he provides (which give you a great primer on the man who won 5 Academy Awards), Livio has included objects and scenes from a variety of great inworld creators to give you the sense that you’re on one of the director’s film sets.

Having an alligator wandering around is delightful, but the lovesick rhinoceros from E la nave va↑ made my day perfect. Fellini would have approved.:)

Fellini Oniricon (general)
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  1. “Did you know,” confides Orlando, “that a rhinoceros gives very good milk?” :) thank you

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