Housekeeping Some Fantasies in Second Life

Hattusa City (moderate)

Ah yes, it’s tuesday, so logging on is difficult until they finish their maintenance/restarts. I thought I’d bring you the results of uncompleted explorations – I have all these folders labeled with the names of sims I started to photograph and, for one reason or another, never finished or published.

These represent 5 different fantasy lives. I’d like to think if I’d had more time there would be some better images, certainly I would have completed the research on these builds. We’ll just go with what I have. You’ll do a much better job.

Nightfall (moderate)

Hattusa City↑ is for all of those who have dreamed of being a Hittite↑.  You will find warrior training for a number of other ancient cultures as well, and there are tournaments with a comprehensive schedule of their activities posted on the sim.

If your fantasy is instead to watch or play professional football (the American version) then you might be interested in the Nightfall Lions↑. There was an equipment store and this giant stadium. A nice mesh build!

Romanum II (adult)

Romanum↑, is a 7 (?) sim city existing in the Rome of 854 (101 CE). I obviously didn’t get as far as taking pics of the buildings or streets.

Their website↑ has the information you need, but I’ll summarize that it’s for “men who want to be men and who love men, openly and freely”. There is a statement about some men leading and others serving – that translates as, yes, you can be one of the owners or one of the slaves. This was another gorgeous build!

Uncanny (moderate)

At some point I wound up on a weapons testing island (and you know how well I do as a target). Uncanny↑, as I recall, is associated with a roleplaying community that seemed to be a cross between Batman and Zombies.

The last one I’ll include in today’s mixed bag of fantasies is Vampire Island↑. This is the home of the Drakula family. Although they welcome other races, you must be willing to pledge your loyalty to and serve the Vampires. I’ll try not to leave orphan pics languishing in my future travels. :)

Vampire Island (moderate)
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  1. Did the Hittites have robots?



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