Wherein the Intrepid Explorer has “One of Those Days” in Second Life

Shady Falls (adult)

The Intrepid Explorer has been around. She’s got the experience and the knowledge to justify her mature, suave, urbane, and worldly reputation. She is, in a word, couth.

After more than 5 years on the grid, nothing is going to surprise her or throw her off her stride. Her carriage is confident and secure, she never mis-steps. *cough*

Shady Falls (adult)

Today’s explorations wound up consisting of a few adult sims but settled on Shady Falls↑, a 1920s role playing destination. You can find out more on their website↑.

The actual intent was to share a different region, but it became a little uncomfortable. You see she was propositioned – not an entirely uncommon experience for our glamorous heroine. What was unusual is that the individual throwing the pass was an incubus shark. She had some trouble picturing that scenario.

Shady Falls (adult)

Shady Falls↑, however, provided nothing more than a really cool build. It also provides an invisible avatar if you’d just like to explore. A word of caution though, you should probably remember to remove your mesh eyes. sigh Two unattached eyeballs floating around a sim might result in some embarrassment.

As dedicated as she is, the Intrepid Explorer gave up after her 3rd crash and went home. She needed some time anyway. What DO you wear on a date with an incubus shark?

Shady Falls (adult)
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