Just One Downside of Complacency in Second Life

Finlandia (moderate)

You might see a difference in today’s images, I certainly did when I started cropping them. It took me a while to figure out how it had happened – the answer, of course, is that I grew complacent.

Finlandia (moderate)

I know that when I update the viewer I’m going to have to reset some things, certain debug settings and basic “don’t tell me that sh*t” stuff in preferences. What I take for granted is that my settings will remain when I relog and haven’t installed anything new.  

Finlandia (moderate)

The viewer knows I take high rez photos. It does – I’ve told it over and over again. I didn’t check today to see if it remembered – I take some things for granted. If it forgot the same settings everytime I logged off I could at least have a standard checklist. But, that would be too easy.

Finlandia (moderate)

So, I apologize to Finlandia↑. These low rez  jpgs  are not what I intended. I’ll have to establish a new workflow, look at all my important settings every time.

I love techies. Really! They have such a dry sense of humour.  sigh

Finlandia (moderate)
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