Lifestyles of the Talented in Second Life

Lifestyle (general)

Yes, I know it’s Halloween, but I wanted to share this sim because you only have a few days access and I think it’s worth visiting.

Neva Crystall↑, the photographer and fashion blogger and co-owner of Neva River↑, has opened her home to visitors, but only until November 4th.

Lifestyle (general)

I love her aesthetic and this is a place I could happily call home. :)

I stuck with her windlight but, for those who care about these things, a while ago I did (accidentally) discover a trick to being able to manipulate things like east angle even if you don’t know what that setting is. I know there are viewers which facilitate this, just not the one I use.

Lifestyle (general)

If you’re using the Linden Lab viewer, open the environment settings and select a windlight sky option, any one of them. Then open water settings and choose one of those.

Now, close the water setting window and the sky setting will revert to region default. However, the controls remain in place so you can change the east angle etc., but remain with the builders’ preferred sky. If you wish you can open and adjust the water settings again and the sky will stay.

Lifestyle (general)

I found out the sim was open when I saw this photo↑ by the talented Annie Klavinham. It’s definitely worth checking places like Koinup↑ to find destinations. :)

Lifestyle (general)
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  1. Whenever I move the East Angle or otherwise mess with the Heavens and Earth to make a picture I cringe. I still do it, but I cringe. That sort of thing isn’t generally possible in Real Life, but then again I have a backpack full of reflectors, fill strobes, gaffer tape, glycerine misters (to put dew on flowers at any time), gobos, and other manipulators for when a scene doesn’t quite suit me. I’ve even been known to make a light tent out of an over-sized t-shirt thus crouching in a forest in just a bra and some jeans so I can get even lighting on a fungus. And the bra has been known to temporarily tie back branches or fronds at times (its a very smart bra to do that by itself). A purist – one more pure than me (like that’s hard) – even frets woefully at using wide apertures for a narrow depth-of-field to emphasize a subject. Eventually, I let the intent guide me and remind myself that it is an artificial world we populate so I’ll move whatever pixels I need.

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