Medieval Thoughts in Second Life

Jasper Cove (moderate)

It was a late night and I’m a little brain dead this morning. :) So you’ll be subjected to thoughts even more idle than normal.

As for the sim I visited, Jasper Cove↑ is home to a free-form medieval Role Play community – their website↑ explains it much more coherently than I could right now.

Jasper Cove (moderate)

The region’s theme is vaguely appropriate, I’ve (finally) been reading Manchester’s A World Lit Only by Fire↑. It’s described as an “informal” history – what that seems to mean so far is that his distaste for virtually everything about the period is absent footnotes.

Jasper Cove (moderate)

If you are interested in history I would recommend Millennium; A History of the Last Thousand Years↑, a far more scholarly work that is both readable and convincing. Of course, Dave Barry’s↑ might be an easier way to start.

Jasper Cove (moderate)

For those of you who would rather just focus on inworld Halloween celebrations – go visit Uccie’s Blog↑. She’s a devotee and just as scholarly and readable about the subject as the historians I mentioned are theirs. Her photos and text are as good as any footnotes. :)

Jasper Cove (moderate)
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