New Communication Tools (and some debugging) in Second Life

Visiwa (moderate)

This will be a bit of a mixed bag today because I spent the morning experimenting. :) First let’s talk about one of the most annoying things that can happen to us inworld.

You’re in the middle of something, perhaps a conversation or a project, and multiple im’s appear on your screen. Or you’ve just logged on and you’re trying to catch up on the messages and inventory offers that arrived in your absence and somebody pounces. For whatever reason, you crash or you forget and logoff, you leave SL and lose those unopened messages.

This always pisses me off because, unless I can remember who the message was from – and at my age the memory has issues – there was no way to go find the person and hope the text was still in the im window memory. That has changed. Boy has that changed.

Visiwa (moderate)

I finally noticed the announcement of CHUI (The Communications HUB User Interface)↑. I downloaded the project viewer and, so far, I’m really impressed.

You access the functionality through the people icon. Under “nearby” there were names of non-friends I’d conversed with or received messages from in the past 30 days. Options let me open the conversations with them.

Visiwa (moderate)

You can do the same with friends and – cause I just click on buttons to see what happens – one option opened a window with ALL my local chat from the past month. Instantly – no loading time. There it was. This is going to save me much embarrassment and hair pulling. Bravo!

I didn’t test everything, and there is a lot more functionality than I’ve mentioned. I also can’t tell if you have to have responded to an im you received while inworld to have it logged – but, what I did see is great.

Visiwa (moderate)

I also spent some time in the debug menu adjusting graphics settings. You probably know Berry’s list↑ of useful tips – I stumbled on Torley’s↑ and went crazy.

These images are taken on Visiwa’s Crab Island Reef↑ (where you can play with bumper boats, go paragliding or explore by balloon). I have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s never stopped me before! I crashed a few times but it was still fun. :)

Visiwa (moderate)
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  1. First, Berry’s list was my bible but WOW on Torley’s list! Cool!

    When I know I have IMs unanswered, I usually looking in the Log folder and sort by date. It is still frustrating, but at least you can access those lost messages.

  2. Inara Pey

     /  October 27, 2012

    Not CHOI… CHUI, like, as in the Wookie :).

    The log history is a useful addition. Interesting to see communications being re-centralised, a-la many TPVs (and as they once were in V1) :).

    Ta for the link to Torley’s list. Will compare to Will Weaver’s Phototools, which pull a lot up through the UI ,(but currently only if you use Firestorm. So comparing the two and knowing where to find things will be handy when fiddling with other viewers :).


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