Persnickety Niggling in Second Life

Persnickety (general)

per·snick·e·ty (pr-snk-t)
adj. Overparticular about trivial details; fastidious. (Free Online Dictionary)

I hadn’t been to Persnickety↑ for a while and it turns out they’re moving, you can join their subscribowhat’sit to keep track of where and when. :)

Something has been niggling at me so the name of the sim matches my mood.

Persnickety (general)

One thing you have to say about people who steal others’ works for profit-making purposes is that they seem to have good taste↑. I don’t think I’ve ever been the victim of this type of theft (refer back to the comment about the villains’ taste) but I do sometimes trip over my images in locations I don’t expect.

Persnickety (general)

I have, to-date, been flattered when I find my images posted on Pinterest – I find them because the people who do so link back to me (thank you!). I don’t use the site but I have a presence nonetheless, and it’s nice that somebody likes what I did enough to want to share it.

There was a kerfuffle recently about Pinterest↑ “owning” anything you post – which would be problematic for me if it was true↑. I didn’t sign their TofS so I haven’t assigned ownership rights of anything to them. This, of course, is not an issue.

Persnickety (general)

The problem I do have (and yes, it falls withing the definition of persnickety) is that the site has the usual section in its TofS that they have the right “in perpetuity” to use or otherwise exploit any of my images posted there. For any reason, anywhere, forever.

I’m not asking people to stop pinning my photos. As I said, I’m flattered and as long as they give me credit I’m happy. However, I’m still fussing with the idea that this means I’ve ceded the rights of exploitation to this, or any, site where I’m not a user. niggle niggle niggle

Update: I obviously wasn’t being clear. I am NOT complaining about people liking my posts or images so much that they share them! I’m flattered! What I was (am) fussing with is a larger amorphous issue of passively assigning rights to a site I don’t use. Really! Unless you’re planning to publish or sell my stuff as if it was yours, I am delighted that anybody would think enough of what I do to pin it or link to it or scoop it etc.

Persnickety (general)
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  1. Doesn’t the concern you raise mean the person who posted your image could be infringing on your IP by handing your work to Pinterest? I really do not know the answer to this question but it concerns me enough that I do not use Pinterest.

    • As long as they credit me no IP infringement should be inferred. :) I’m fine with that (well as long as they’re not selling them), I’m just fussing with the thought of passively assigning rights through third parties. :)

  2. Well I guess? People pin things they like but in doing so give away something they don’t own to a third party. I agree with you it is a problem but I think it is more than a niggle.

    If I was a professional photographer and someone pinned images I am trying to sell, what does that do to my IP? Its confusing. I don’t pretend to understand it so I just stay away from Pinterest.

  3. ElaraGloriana

     /  October 26, 2012

    Everything that is pinned has a backlink to the original poster, so in theory it is not just giving credit it is also driving potential traffic back to the original poster. Also, sites can opt out of being “pin-able” so to speak, on the Pinterest page you can find the line of code to add to your site if you want to block pins altogether.

    • I’m not concerned about being pinned – honest! I am flattered – it’s honestly the bigger thing about passive assignment of rights to a site. I’m not complaining about being pinned!

  4. DrFran

     /  October 26, 2012

    Gee, I often link to your blog on my ScoopIt blog. Is that OK, Honour?

  5. Honestly, one issue is that this sort of thing isn’t really legislated, and as far as I know has never hit court. The TOS of sites – and their claims to intellectual property that they neither produced nor paid for – is still up in the air as far as I know. An IP lawyer might know more, but as far as I’m aware a third party is literally incapable of removing your copyright and that should stand up in court. Until a case is tried, though, we won’t know.

    If I had more money, I’d totally corner an IP lawyer about it!

    • I suspect there will be a case at some point, not involving me, but brought by some very talented artist/author. I’m thinking about this in the sense of “why haven’t I heard about it being addressed”. :)

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