Art from Random in Second Life (I think)

LEA18 (moderate)

Here’s the thing. If you leave me to wander without any guidance/background/information then I am forced to interpret what I see on my own.

Being basically ignorant about a wide swath of topics, this invariably leads me to arrive at strange conclusions which may bear no relation to actual intent.

Such is the case today.

LEA18 (moderate)

On LEA18↑ I found a collaboration between Metameets (NL), Aen Aenis, Marx Catteneo↑ and Artistide Despres↑. I’m just assuming it’s complete – but, I’ve been wrong before. :)

I’ll tell you what I saw, keeping in mind my abysmal lack of knowledge and, oddly enough, my personal feelings about Jazz. To me that music genre is a category containing “random” musical notes, the appeal of which escapes me.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the sim. Trying to understand it made me use Jazz as an internal analogy.

LEA18 (moderate)

It’s like they decided to demonstrate the impact of “random” on all our worlds. Not just in sound (which is present), but also landforms and even nature. The giant baffle above the island reinforced the idea to me that this musical art  form was being applied to all three.

From the piano notes (make sure you have sound turned on), to the seemingly arbitrary ground shape, to the forest growing organically in one area; this is an installation demonstrating the beauty resulting from the accidental construct of the world. At least, I think it is. The artists will be able to tell you what they really mean. :p

LEA18 (moderate)
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  1. Note to self: send her a short selection of jazz and maybe she’ll discover the sky outside of elevator music where improvisation does not equal “random” :-)
    And/or let explore the “jazz and others” section the red player here (with the help of the “shuffle” button)

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