It’s Autumn in Second Life & I’m Keeping My Mouth Shut

Wondering Dew (moderate)

Sooooooo, the other day I got a tweet directed at me from somebody saying that they “didn’t follow anybody who tweets political stuff”, or something like that, and so they were ‘unfollowing’ me. Well!

Ignoring the whole “I have to announce my decision to leave your band of readers” thing, as a polite Canadian I had to think about my actions and what I’d done to offend this person.

Wondering Dew (moderate)

I hadn’t done much of anything lately so I decided it was something I’d retweeted. I follow a spoof account for a showhorse belonging to the wife of one of the presidential candidates. He had tweeted his amusement that a couple of Republicans had accused him of mocking their candidate. Since it’s a spoof account one might have taken the “mocking” for granted – apparently they hadn’t.

Wondering Dew (moderate)

I thought it was funny, but it obviously crossed the line of what’s acceptable for an SL avatar (and a foreigner at that). So I’ll be good.

I won’t mention my concerns↑ about the lack of Universal Health Care and how it resulted in a good friend’s death. I won’t refer to the terrifying focus on women’s privates or my astonishment at the depth of ignorance about their anatomy (and what it says about an education system that allows it). As long as they’re given time to cook their husbands’ dinners I’ll look the other way.

Wondering Dew (moderate)

I won’t refer to the notion that the ‘greatest democracy in the world’ should naturally be run as a theocracy. I will definitely not say that some blonde woman with an unnaturally long neck is irrelevant and using shock tactics to try and gain legitimacy. I’ll ignore her (as we ought) and the sanctimonious armies of some religion.

Really! If something slips out it is entirely unintentional and I apologize in advance for any possible offense I might cause. I have no opinions and I won’t be expressing them. :)

Wondering Dew (moderate)
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  1. Reflexive Street Photography

     /  October 24, 2012

    Very amusing. Brought a smile to my face and the sun here has responded in kind ;)

  2. Brewer Debevec

     /  October 24, 2012

    HaHa! very good. Your non-opinionated, non-summation…was spot on. Thanks for your sense of humor. And the Pics are awesome :D

  3. Honour for President!

    Oops! Am I going to lose followers?

  4. ediebeatscancer

     /  October 24, 2012

    Perfect! I laughed pretty hard at this post. You are wonderful.

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