Floating Through Gracie Kendal’s Art in Second Life

I keep forgetting that Tuesday mornings are problematic for exploring. Rolling restarts invariably hit the sims I’m aiming for just as I want to travel there. :) The good news on this day is that I could finally make it to Gracie Kendal’s installation (the real life artist Kristine Schomaker↑) on LEA15↑.

You begin high above the ocean and then descend through colour and shape and magic. Do choose the “float” animation. This will make your descent peaceful and calming and intriguing as you make your way slowly through this giant experience.

It’s difficult in photographs (at least for me) to give you a sense of the depth and size of this exhibit. I’ve allowed my avatar to intrude on the images to help you see that it really n’est pas un peinture – it’s a giant landscape you explore (look for the dark tan blot on blue background in the one below).

I needed the colour and the relaxing journey today. I’m halloweened out, having explored/photographed about 36 different dark sims in the past couple of weeks. Go visit Gracie’s art↑, there are no zombies and even the water is painted.

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  1. Abune Clocks and Lamps

     /  October 23, 2012

    Is anyone else not seeing any of the images on this post? I’m seeing nothing in either Chrome or Opera, apparently because I’m not a member of the “secondlifeimages” WordPress site.

  2. caramia

     /  October 23, 2012

    Brilliant pics on the blog Honor, so much so, forwarded onto a girlfreind in the UK to visit.

  3. Awwww wow, thank you so much Honour!!! I’m so glad you liked the sim!!!

  4. hey ! I won one of those at the Boobiethon Auction ! I love it ! :)

  1. Floating Through Gracie Kendal’s Art in Second Life | Second LIfe Good Stuff | Scoop.it

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