Spooky Season in Second Life (pt. 4), Journey to the Lost City

Those amazing folks at Calas Galadhon↑ (which is a group of sims you really must explore) are celebrating Halloween with a search↑ for a Lost City.

It’s the 1860s and you’ll begin by making your way to a dark castle in The Carpathian Mountains. Your objective is to eventually find out what happened to an expedition which set out more than 18 months ago.

They set out at the behest of the Count who, based on the contents of the Castle, is one bizarre character. He wanted the treasure that legend says is hidden in the Lost City and he also ordered them to bring back some of the *cough* indigenous life forms.

Accept the default Windlight settings (or just set your viewer to Midnight) and head out on this different kind of hunt. I added a bit of light just so my images wouldn’t be impossible to view. :)

I managed to make it to the Lost City and there is a lot to discover. I was exhausted though, and sat down for a rest and a long chat with one of the natives. He was friendly enough … as long as I didn’t get too close.

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  1. Thank your for the great review and photos, Honour … we are happy to see that it is being enjoyed this halloween season as we planned..

  1. Spooky Season in Second Life (pt. 4), Journey to the Lost City ... | Second Life and Virtual Worlds | Scoop.it

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