Wherein the Intrepid Explorer Actually Does A Hunt in Second Life

Never You Mind (moderate)

I admit to being out of step, in fact I’m probably classified as unnatural in a lot of areas. I believe that 2 pair of shoes should be enough for anybody. I can’t see any rational for jazz and don’t even get me started on trance.

Never You Mind (moderate)

Two things inworld that I avoid as much as possible are hunts and shopping. However, my imagination and attention were captured today and I indulged in both.

I have to point out (particularly to Ahuva↑) that even though there were no shoes involved, it’s still worth a visit!

Never You Mind (moderate)

You’ve probably heard of Never You Mind↑, a really adorable/funky/cool store sim. I spent hours poking around and admiring all the stuff.

There are flying chairs and balloons and boats and bikes and more. There are buildings and bridges and the prices (to me) seem very reasonable. Great textures and a sense of humour I loved. Just the name of the place appeals to me.

Never You Mind (moderate)

There’s a special halloween section with appropriately offbeat and unusual things, but the very best part is the hunt. There are 10 of the cutest monsters I’ve ever seen and they’re available to you for free – just follow the clues and you’ll find them.

I haven’t named mine yet, but these little guys will be staying in my inventory. I became very attached to them and I’m hanging on to this landmark. If shopping was always this enjoyable I might do it more often. :)

Never You Mind (moderate)
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