Sensual, Not Skanky, in Second Life

Octagium (moderate)

This is going to be one of those posts I’ll be nervous about re-reading at some later date. A combination of pain-killers, sleep deprivation, and the sensual nature of today’s sim could get me into trouble.

It might be safer all around if you just look at the pics and go visit Octagium↑ on your own. :)

Octagium (moderate)

This is a “gay friendly” sim which I found welcoming. I point that out because I’ve visited a few where I felt like an interloper (which is fair enough) and didn’t stay to look around.

It’s full of sensual images and shapes and harkens back to a time in history when so many different lifestyles managed to be accepted and integrated in the community. At least, we like to think they did.

Octagium (moderate)

There are a mix of ancient influences or, rather, it’s like visiting a roman settlement in ancient Egypt. They’ve managed to incorporate the different styles/icons (there’s a definite Minoan flavour as well) very successfully.

One great thing about being able to move your camera around is that you can hide something like a fountain behind a small palm. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I would prefer the maturity rating of this blog remain “general”. *grin*

Octagium (moderate)

The most compelling image I have from today’s explorations I won’t be sharing. There’s a good reason that some ancients venerated the bull. A couple of gorgeous specimens are there, a type of eye candy for the susceptible brain.

If the ancient mediterranean isn’t your thing there’s a Japanese themed sim next door. Or maybe you could use it to cool off. :)

Taroshima (moderate)
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