Disoriented & Confused in Second Life

Disorientation (general)

Until this morning I would have said that Crap↑ was the most seriously disturbed individual I’d encountered on the grid. I’m not talking about griefers or trolls, I’m referring to those people whose imaginations lead them (and you) off into distinctly bizarre directions, usually without a safety net.

I’m not insulting him, he actually takes pride in this. However, I was subjected to the unnerving results of Emily Darrow’s↑ mind and he’s lost his title.

Disorientation (general)

I landed on a random LEA↑ sim and found myself in a stone maze. I’m quite certain the build isn’t yet complete which, frankly, is the only reason I’m not a total gibbering idiot at the moment.

As you travel the maze you encounter obstacles which are other mazes. You have to navigate your way through them to continue on the main path.

Disorientation (general)

The first one, the easy one, is black. I don’t mean it’s dark or shadowed, it’s black. There are walls that I swear move, and as you rotate you catch glimpses of the door you entered but it’s in the wrong direction.

The next one is a relief because you can see, but the silent clues given by that woman on the wall are either wrong or else my lip-reading is really pitiful. Then there are the rings. I could easily obsess about the rings.

Disorientation (general)

I’ll repeat that I’m convinced the build isn’t finished – so you should wait for the full challenge, unless you’d like to get a taste now. I suspect that it will be an adventure that just keeps on giving no matter what stage it is in.

There’s a large structure above the maze. If you make it there you’ll find something quite beautiful, but I’m not certain it’s any kinder. I suspect that you are convinced you’ll do better than I, you probably will. But I’ll bet you let loose with language at least as colourful as mine. :)

Disorientation (general)
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