Escaping My “White People’s Problems” in Second Life

Parta (moderate)

I did a quick ramble around Parta↑ this morning, a Japanese sim with lots of mesh. I like mesh. :)

Parta (moderate)

This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and plans have been changing hourly, however, it was decided yesterday that I’m cooking the dinner for tonight. This isn’t a burden, but I usually spend days cooking feasts and this one will have to come together very quickly.

Parta (moderate)

I won’t get all maudlin and list all the things I’m thankful for. I will, though, finally and gratefully acknowledge all of you who actually read this blog and those who comment or send me emails. It means a lot! Bloggers are all talking out loud to themselves, having others look in makes us less self-conscious about it.

Parta (moderate)

It’s another short post (aren’t you lucky!) because I really do have to go do something about feeding these people. If you’ll excuse me there’s a 5 pound dog peeking over the edge of the bathtub at the turkey floating inside. There are far worse problems in the world, but today this is one I have to go solve. :)

Parta (moderate)
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  1. Your blog is one of my favorites and I always read it. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Honour! I’m thankful that you are in SL and share your view of it on this blog.

  3. This post made me happy.


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