Tango in the Second Life Pampas

Glovers Reef (moderate)

I’ve been tied up with various projects lately and haven’t had time to do much exploring, but this morning I made it out to the pampas.

Glovers Reef (moderate)

I’ve noticed before that I tend to arrange the composition of a photo predominantly from one side. I don’t like to have things centered, but it’s really obvious when I do a series like this that I’m leaning heavily from the right.

Glovers Reef (moderate)

I’ll whisper the next bit because I don’t want to jinx anything – I’m having much less trouble with the tiling bug lately. Maybe it’s fixed?

Glovers Reef (moderate)

If you want to get away from it all I recommend you head out to these grasslands, climb the tower and watch the sunset. When you’ve had your fill of romantic vistas head into the Ocho Tango Club and let some of your charm ooze out on the dance floor. :)

Glovers Reef (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  October 7, 2012

    There’s no indication that MAINT-628 (the JIRA for the tiling issue) has had a fix issued in the latest SL viewer version release notes. Sadly, the JIRA itself cannot be checked, as it is one of those which has been moved behind the magic curtain, and is no longer open to public viewing.

    I’ve not actually played with the viewer myself to see if anything has changed. After the last fun and games I had with it something being visible, others not, I’m not sure I could go through the headdesking again.

    I may take the simple way out and ask at the next Viewer UG meeting :).

    • /me grins, I wasn’t going to bring up that whole JIRA thing. :) I will say that smaller (screen size and less) images don’t appear to have the problem. On multiples of my screen I do get small lines and distortions – rarely the big colour blocks that I used to.

      • Inara Pey

         /  October 7, 2012

        I believe the problem would only appear when going over your screen resolution with snapshots; that’s what was reported on the JIRA, and it has been my experience – hence why I keep my snaps to 1440×900 (and get fuzzy-wuzzy videos when I string them together into musical slideshows). Also the reason I went bonkers with the “now-you-see me, now you don’t” element when using 2560×1600 the last time I took a look on hearing that the fix may have been released :).

        If the fix is still as Runitai mentioned in the JIRA, then there is a chance that the tiling issue will still appear at very high resolutions, should a graphic card be unable to allocate a single render target large enough for the snapshot resolution. Which, come to think of it, might very well be why it was playing hide-a-seek with me, if it was in a beta a few weeks ago.

        Ow. Now my head is starting to hurt again… :(.

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