Dreams & Nightmares & John Scalzi & Second Life

I had a profound, well thought out blog post planned for today. It involved the Uncertainty Principle↑ and why I think it applies to Second Life (no really!). It would have been fabulous.

However a few things got in the way and, rather than suffering alone, I think I’ll share.

Crap↑ is muttering about drug induced dreams – seriously, you send the guy to the store for some milk and he comes back days later with 6 screws in his elbow, what does he think is going to happen? And where’s the milk?


I messed up my hip yesterday and took some painkillers – my own dreams were very strange. For some reason John Scalzi↑ kept trying to convince me that monkeys can’t survive in Kitimat.

John Scalzi, the author, is a delight and I’m constantly entertained by the improv riffs he↑, Neil Gaiman↑, Wil Wheaton↑ and others perform on twitter, but why would he care about monkeys in Kitimat?

I mean I’m sure he’s a nice guy and probably cares about all living things, still this seems odd. I woke up convinced I was supposed to mount some kind of primate rescue operation.

My nightmares didn’t end when I went inworld. I headed for the new installations at Split Screen↑ – there are three this time.

Simotron↑ explores the nature of “order” and whether it morphs from efficiency to control. What that means is subjecting yourself to something like the DMV from hell. The future might already be here. :)

I thought I’d escape and go to something more pleasant – Rose Borchovki’s↑ Echoes in the Garden. um, well This is not the type of garden usually included in flower shows. Once again my avatar was flung into less than tranquil situations and those eyeballs never stop watching you.

I finished the morning in Misprint Thursday’s↑ exhibit. I’d show you more of the wonders of that experience, but this floating journey allowed me time to ponder and all I could think of were shivering simians. I’m feeling a lot of guilt right now. If I disappear you should send a team up north (make sure they bring bananas).

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  1. We’ll send Maya Paris, she always has bananas!

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