Hobos & Moles & Second Life

Oslar Petroleum (moderate)

One of the many, many things I’m not good at is coming up with “sexy” or intriguing titles for these posts. At least I don’t inflict my first choices on you, if I did the banner on this one would read “Yay, Rust!). :)

Oslar Petroleum (moderate)

I went to visit the “abandoned” Oslar Petroleum refinery↑ and discovered, not only the type of derelict industrial compound I enjoy, but also a group of mainland sims where the hobo subculture has found a home thanks to a fine example of public/private cooperation.

Oslar Petroleum (moderate)

Adjacent to the old refinery is another group of buildings deserted by their original owners and now a place for those rootless wanderers to engage with others in their community. The Linden Moles↑ have had a hand in Oculea Industries↑ (they are a busy group).

Oculea (moderate)

I know that the Second Life Railroad↑ is a great way to explore the mainland and see the sights – but it makes sense that it is also the hobos’ preferred mode of travel. Calleta’s Hobo Railroad Info Hub↑ isn’t far from the other two sites I visited. It’s a good resource for those who wind up choosing this lifestyle.  Maybe I’ll consider a career change.

Calleta (moderate)
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  1. What’s wrong with “Yay, Rust!”? :)

  2. It’s not the rust, it is the wonderful green healthy water. It is more a spa then a refinery. I love this place!

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