Spooky Season in Second Life (pt.2), Village of Nyght

Village of Nyght (moderate)

Jesus saves, Allah forgives, Cthulhu thinks you’d make a nice sandwich.

You know it’s tough enough for the Intrepid Explorer to go to sims where weapons are a fixture (I’m a really easy target) but when you add zombies to the list of local hazards, I’m toast.

Village of Nyght (moderate)

The Village of Nyght↑ is situated on one of a group of sims, all of which appear to consider the spooky as the ideal. This location lends itself to role play and provides a free HUD and weapons. The latter will be very useful because the place is infested with zombies.

Village of Nyght (moderate)

These “life challenged” creatures are, um, very friendly. I met a great many of them but didn’t add any to my friends list. In fact, I had to sit down on the road just to take photos – they ganged up on me and kept pushing me into the forest.

Village of Nyght (moderate)

The sim allows nudity but insists you have sex in private. Frankly I think that’s a wise choice in any location.

I escaped the horde by moving into the Arkham region next door. Someday I’ll have recovered enough to reveal what happened in this Lovecraft-themed town. It’ll take a lot of therapy though.

Arkham (moderate)
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