The Absence of Exploding Heads in Second Life

jjccc @ LEA 17 (moderate)

I have this theory about really creative people. No matter what their personality, or public persona, they have brains jacked up on some kind of natural amphetamine – constantly in motion, full of ideas and disparate, even contradictory, creations screaming to be realized.

jjccc @ LEA 17 (moderate)

Writers have a compulsion to write. Musicians are always making sound. Artists find a medium (or two or three) to make the images in their minds “real”. If these individuals don’t have an outlet for the frenetic synapses I think their brains might explode.

jjccc @ LEA 17 (moderate)

A good example is jjccc↑, somebody I know from his videos↑ – full of colour and sound and so much movement/fast editing that I’m exhausted – I hope he eats a healthy diet.

His exhibit on LEA 17↑ includes so many different aspects of his creative thoughts that I have to think his head would suffer a catastrophic meltdown if he couldn’t get them out.

jjccc @ LEA 17 (moderate)

It’s a lucky thing that Second Life exists, he doesn’t suffer a violent transformation into tiny bits of grey matter and we get to see what’s churning around in that brain.

Go visit↑. I should warn you there are man-eating sharks and alligators. The crows, apparently, will just bite, they only actually consume the butterflies.

jjccc @ LEA 17 (moderate)
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  1. Couldn’t help but notice from your pic’s you are not seeing the sim at its best, try setting to midnight with projected lighting set on and you may see an entirely different sim and set your draw distance up a bit

    • /me grins and mutters about artists …..

      Just kidding! I adjusted the windlight and the view distance specifically for the shots, to get what I wanted just for those shots – but (I hope) by now my readers know to go with region default and look around without me biasing them.

      I loved your art in all of the settings, including midnight. :)


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