Location Scouting & the Open Studio Project in Second Life

Location Scouting inworld is just as exciting/frustrating/time consuming as it is in the physical world.

If you’re a machinimist or photographer, this part of the project can eat up a large portion of the schedule (and then we have to assume the place you find is amenable to your presence and activities).

There’s something new that will help. The Machinima Open Studio Project↑ will be officially open on October 1st but they didn’t prevent me from wandering around this morning. :)

At least one area is still under construction, but damn there’s a lot on offer already.

Just imagine 10 fully realized, different landscapes for you to use as a backdrop. There are also 4 complete soundstages.

When I visited one of the latter I expected an empty skybox, but the setup was very professional and looked like something a machinimist would find extremely useful.

I only realized when I went looking for their blog↑ that I should have waited a week and I apologize to them.

If you decide to sneak in early, wear the hud you get at the landing spot, it’ll give you the ability to teleport to all the different options. Use all that time you’ve saved to work on your masterpiece.

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