Self-indulgent Indecision in Second Life

Tatty Soup (moderate)

Some days I head out on explorations for the blog and don’t know what I want. The good news is that the grid let’s you (well, in this case, me) mess around with lots of options.

Tatty Soup (moderate)

Today I not only couldn’t decide what season I wanted, I also couldn’t settle on one photo format. So I’m including three seasons and used both pixel sizes for each.

Just because I could. :)

Happy Mood (general)

Autumn is arriving in part of the physical world and it’s landed on Tatty Soup↑. I’m not really ready for that yet.

It’s still a glorious, impressionistic summer on Happy Mood↑ though.

Happy Mood (general)

You might not know that Happy Mood↑ is actually part of a group of sims. One of the most dramatic is also a spectacular, fantasy, winter landscape.

Cadenza (general)

By the time I got to Cadenza↑ I was tired of all the walking, so I climbed the ladder and hopped on a leaf boat. I’ll just tour around the cave and island for a while. :)

You can (as always) click on the photos to see them full size, but what you should do is go inworld and experience these landscapes for yourself.

Cadenza (general)
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