Wherein Daco Monday brings the Intrepid Explorer Joy in Second Life

Someday I’m going to take a course in art, something that will help me understand and interpret what I see and make it possible for me to articulate what the artist is doing. Until I do you’ll have to tolerate my visceral (albeit ignorant) reactions to what I find.

Every now and then I land somewhere and a huge grin appears on my face (since you can’t see it you’ll just have to trust me). For the second time this week I went to a LEA↑ sim and found something that brought me joy.

I should note that at this point I can’t tell if these installations are actually completed. Please do the artist a favour and consider it a work in progress just in case.

The artist is Daco Monday↑ and he’s been added to my list of favourites. In the physical world he’s Daniele “Daco” Constantin↑ (the google english translation of his site is here↑).

His art in both worlds is abstract, in Second Life it leans heavily on existential themes (and if I’m reading his words incorrectly don’t blame him, the fault lies with me).

Daco calls his installation “My Second Life Vision”, his notecard describes his inworld art as follows:

An artistic pathway, a hymn to utopia, a light, a North star which leads mankind. My art starts from existential issues and reflections that occur in the cultural change which affects mankind nowadays.
Art is simply a tool which makes “human knowledge” more human.
It simply disseminates modern global culture; it interprets it as a multi reality, a reality made up of different individuals, of interconnected universes that create the dynamism of global universal culture.

There is angst in this art, whether it’s his reflection of grid drama or just the nature of the artistic process, but to me it’s beautiful.

In case you have suspicions that I went all “photo bitch” on his work, I used his default windlight – although I might have changed the time of day and/or east angle. :)  Do go visit Daco’s installation↑. He’s created art I loved, and provided a window on Second Life born in his talent, and I applaud him.

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  1. Wherein Daco Monday brings the Intrepid Explorer Joy in Second Life | - ARTE CONTRO - "DACO" -

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