An Acrylic Second Life

I’ll try to ease you into this landscape today. If you are (like me) a fan of MiC Imagin@rium, then you are accustomed to a realistic, stone, and marble structure surrounded by an italian landscape which is suitable for a group of museums in Rome↑ who use the grid to extend their reach and present beautiful art installations.

It looks very different today. Somebody let Mexi Lane↑ loose with acrylic paints!

Not only does her installation and build make use of all the available colour in her paintbox, she’s gone outside the lines of her space and also transformed the usual staid (albeit stunning) ocean shore as well.

Her exhibit is called “Virtual Reality” and, based on what I saw, I’m interpreting that to mean a version of reality that is “more”. It’s not surrealism but it’s the everyday taken a step beyond what is either possible or expected.

The landing spot I’ve provided is at the entrance to the exhibit and offers you a choice of boats you can use to explore the installation. They didn’t seem to want to work for me (but then again, I’m really not allowed to pilot boats anymore than I am cars or planes). If that happens for you don’t worry, the water is warm and shallow and you can set out on foot.

I fell in love with the buildings and the hostas and the split-leaf philodendron. I made new friends as well, although turtles have limited conversation.

Wander into the grotto (same grotto as before but very different in appearance now) and see some of Mexi’s physical world art. I enjoyed this visit but I’m really glad I’m not the one who has to clean up when it’s done. :p

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