Beguiled on the Mainland in Second Life

I love finding myself somewhere I find so appealing that I forget my purpose and get lost in the magic of somebody’s work. In this case my day started with a photo↑ from an art gallery which reminded me of my early days on the grid when a neighbour had a wizard’s tower and store I loved.

When I landed I found myself on a small corner of the mainland in a landscape that reflects hours of thought, planning and execution. Jilla Lamar↑ has combined selections from some of my favourite designers and built a garden I’d like to live in.

The area is full of life, as well as beauty, and there are surprises around each turn. I was impressed by how large the build seems – a very clever design makes that possible. The paths are all worth exploring.

Don’t neglect the Gallery and Studio. As compelling as the garden is, the destinations at the end of those paths are also well deserving of your time. People knock the mainland but there are some real jewels out there – this one will stay in my landmark file.

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  1. Jilla

     /  October 27, 2015

    Amazed at your write up… I own this sim… So this is a huge, lovely surprise! I accidently came across one of your images above in a Google search for something unrelated. *laughs* Small world, indeed.

    But anyway, thank you very much for your kind words.

    I invite you to come visit again. Three years later, I own the entire sim now, so it is much larger but it still has the two large builds you mention… just more paths, more builds, more vignettes, more surprises added.

    This truly made my day. *smiles big*

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