Beach Walking & Riddles in Second Life

BWC Village (general)

I spent some time looking around BWC Village↑ this morning. These sims operated by the Beach Walking Club are a perfect location for aimless wandering and idle thoughts. My own mental musings were far less productive than normal (which is saying a lot).

BWC Village (general)

I can summarize them in a series of the type of riddles that are unanswerable. Why, for example, do I get so much more spam on WordPress than I ever did when my blog was hosted by Google?

Why do people feel that the best way to convince others of their own position is to make the opposition sound as slimy, degenerate, and sick as possible? Everything is a f*cking war in which actual discussion is considered a strategy of weakness. Hell of a way to operate a society.

BWC Village (general)

Why are some of the very best looking sims Gorean? I can’t share those regions, in fact I can’t even stay on and explore them. The whole notion makes my skin crawl.

I can remember when he wrote the books in retaliation for the feminist movement of the 60s. He was so horrified at the idea that men might not have the final say in everything that he created a world where women had all the rights of cattle.

BWC Village (general)

As  my thoughts were not moving in a benign or pleasant direction I considered opting for escape. The sim offers boats but the rowing seemed like too much work.

Maybe I can look for a hunky minion and have him sail me off on a long voyage. I won’t even make him wear a collar. :)

BWC Village (general)
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