Enigmatic in Second Life Space

S.S. Enigmatic (moderate)

Soooooooo it turns out those interpreting the Mayans↑ were slightly confused. The world didn’t end in 2012, however an asteroid was detected on a collision course with the earth. It took over 30 years but the various global entities managed to cooperate enough that they built a habitable city in a safer zone of space and people were evacuated to escape the destruction of our planet.

The S.S. Enigmatic↑ is (as you’d expect) huge.

S.S. Enigmatic (moderate)

Humans being what they are, it wasn’t enough to “survive”, they also needed art and bowling and music. All of the important components↑ of a life worth living have been transported with the refugees, including violence.

After 30 years some things have mutated a bit, including some of the residents. Given the number of threats to life and limb it seems logical that it would be possible to “fix” injuries by actually enhancing the human form. You can buy your cyborg replacement on the station.

S.S. Enigmatic (moderate)

In addition to the Space Station the inhabitants have started to expand their footprint to the lunar surface. This is an even more dangerous environment and there is significant evidence of landings gone wrong.

Luckily for everybody, there are not only free uniforms and space suits (the latter being something I put on immediately), but also weapons and a combat HUD. For once I wasn’t killed by any trigger happy explorers.

S.S. Enigmatic (moderate)

Humans are not alone in this area of the universe. An alien mothership has crashed and that’s one place you really need to ensure you have your defensive artillery primed. You can also fly space vehicles or operate lunar transports (and no I didn’t try to drive anything, somehow I suspect the vacuum of space would not improve my navigational abilities).

For the photographers among you: From now until Oct 7, 2012 the SS Enigmatic will be holding a photo contest. All images must be taken on the SS Enigmatic Sim. Images may or may not include avatars. A variety of styles of shots is encouraged, scenery, action, romance (keep it clean!) depicting life and the environment on the sim. The winner will be awarded L$5000.

See more contest information and photo submission location at (the Flickr group↑) or contact Sonrisa Seminario↑ inworld for more details.

S.S. Enigmatic (moderate)
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  1. Inara Pey

     /  September 14, 2012

    Heh… I was at Engimatic earlier today as well as a result of a notecard from Sonrisa about the competition. I’ll hold off pressing my bits until tomorrow :)

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