Spooky Season in Second Life, Ketama

Ketama (moderate)

It’s spooky season inworld. Again. Already!

I freely admit to my myriad flaws. We all know I didn’t get the jazz gene for example. I also didn’t get the one for halloween. However, I know many (like my friend Uccie↑) do so I will try to share some of the special builds I find.

Ketama (moderate)

I don’t plan on visiting any of them at night. You’ll have to enjoy that particular experience without me.

Today’s haunted house is floating over Ketama↑. It’s the first one I’ve seen with a skeleton gardener and he was busy hauling pumpkins. I don’t want to know what he gets up to when he’s finished that chore.

Ketama (moderate)

There are a lot of doors in this place. I only tried one of them and didn’t actually enter the room. My relief at surviving this one daring bit of bravado doesn’t mean I opened any others. Why push my luck, right?

Ketama (moderate)

I made it all the way to the roof before the sun came down. It seemed like a good time to go home – I’m sure it was perfectly safe but, as it happens, I had some stuff to do. Really!

Ketama (moderate)
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  1. Sadly, this year I can’t steal the resources of most of a sim to put up an attraction. Lots of prep work had begun as much as six months ago, but …. well, things happen. However, I will be visiting many places throughout Our World as this is one of the most creative times in the year. Many people pull out all the stops to do some amazing things.


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