Metaverse Geographic Presents a Wildlife Study in (and out of) Second Life, the Turpis Bullis

Kronbelt (moderate)

The internet can be a harsh and unforgiving landscape. It is vast and, although there are pockets of civilization, it is often characterized by the ruins of those who fell victim to both the elements and predators.

Survival has always dictated the development of new tools and technologies to withstand the vagaries of violent weather and build a platform for creation and ideas in this ever-expanding frontier. Unfortunately for these pioneers, the animal kingdom has adapted with the changing times and exploited the same methods for hunting and killing their prey.

One of the most well-adapted populations of the metaverse animal kingdom is that of the turpis↑Although many of this species are easily ignored and rarely inflict serious injury, the turpis bullis is a particularly vile and threatening creature.

Kronbelt (moderate)

This member of the animal kingdom hunts in the dark using the tools of supposed anonymity offered by technology to attack and destroy its targets. Known for its cowardice, the bullis hunts in packs (known as dicks) and takes comfort and strength from the sense that swarming will overwhelm the prey and result in victory.

Common to the genus is a mental state identified by its immaturity and the dominance of the ego over the intellect. In fact, upon examination of specimens collected during a few successful campaigns, the brain is dominated by the autonomic nervous system. The animal responds to the actions of its peers with little independent ability to think or reason.

Social media is a favourite hunting ground for this beast; blogs, twitter, plurk, facebook, forums, etc. Second Life offers additional avenues of targeting victims (including griefing, groups, profiles and my.secondlife chat).

Kronbelt (moderate)

Although they operate under cover of darkness (and, therefore, are almost impossible to photograph) they are easily identified through their behaviour↑. Allergic to ideas which challenge either their limited intelligence or view of the universe, they cannot mount an articulate argument and resort to school yard level attacks on individuals they perceive as vulnerable.

The previously cited limited brain development is evident in this animal’s call. It is common to find their vocabulary restricted to base insults with few syllables and little originality.

Kronbelt (moderate)

It is not wise (or in most cases possible) to engage↑ the creature in sentient conversation. They resort to the dick pack strategy of shouting louder which attracts the attention of their inbred cousins and increases their volume↑.

However, their strength is also their greatest weakness. This member of the animal kingdom feels safe in the shadows and suffers from the delusion that they cannot be seen or identified. Once exposed↑, they are separated from the remainder of their pack and they are left cowering, alone and toothless (albeit still ugly). This approach to dealing with the threat has risk – but continued exposure will limit the turpis bullis population. Eventually↑. Vigilance is required.

Kronbelt (moderate)
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  1. Brilliant! You’ve articulated this very well; I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

    • I wish they were funny. They’re stupid but unfortunately cause real hurt. I thought I’d have a little fun with them just to vent a little. :P

  2. Gorgeous, whoa!!!

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