Pixel Dreams in Second Life

Pixel Dreams (moderate)

I hadn’t been to Pixel Dreams↑ for a long time so I went for a visit this morning. Autumn has arrived (with the attendant heavy fog) and it’s beautiful and moody.

Pixel Dreams (moderate)

There are a lot of things we love in Second Life landscapes, including windmills and pianos in the open air. If they’re included in context they’re wonderful. Particularly if you can use one of them to climb high enough to reach the sun.

Pixel Dreams (moderate)

I often wonder how those in the southern hemisphere deal with the fact that the standard seasons are almost invariably associated with what we expect up north. I guess they get used to it.

Pixel Dreams (moderate)

The other standard I think about is that most sims are rated moderate – although usually there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it.
I have a young friend turning 18 later this month. He asked me what he would see that was different once he could access these regions – the answer, in most cases, is not much. But he will get to see a lot of great landscapes. :)

Pixel Dreams (moderate)
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