Keisei & Crazy & Second Life

Keisei (moderate)

I’ll start by saying my images don’t do this sim justice. Keisei↑ is a wonderful japanese garden that avoids the trite that often invades landscapes. From a photographer’s point of view it’s a banquet – you’ll find something to inspire your camera finger everywhere you look.

My objective this morning was to test the new beta version of the LL viewer. The talented Inara Pey↑ shared the rumour that the fix for the tiling bug was included so I tried a few things to see what would happen.

Keisei (moderate)

I stayed with my usual blog post size (1600 x 1200) and used shadows and adjusted windlight. Things were OK until I took a shot with a lot of sky. It had to be fixed to remove the lines. Either the bug is untouched or my video card will insist on tiling anyway.

The word “crazy” kept returning to my thoughts. :)  To be fair this wasn’t entirely due to my obsession with this issue but also the state of the world as exemplified by a country (mostly) to the south of me in the physical world.

Keisei (moderate)

It would be nice to think that advances in technology would be paralleled by similar progress in culture and discourse. The recent Mars landing↑ was exciting and demonstrated both maturity and creativity (that flying saucer landing platform was cool).

Unfortunately this event took place in a time when the political process is notable for its bile and outrageous polarization.

Keisei (moderate)

At the same time the newest star in the cultural firmament is a child named Honey Boo Boo↑ (or at least I assume that’s her name or catch phrase, I don’t plan to watch to find out). Take “reality tv”, a “star” from something as horrendous as a series about children competing in makeup and spandex, make a new offering featuring her family, and get ratings that start climbing fast.

Things have to bottom out soon. It’s very hard to take them seriously at this point – well except for the fact that they have weapons and itchy trigger fingers. I’ll spend my time in a book or inworld and hope they get their act together.  Some sanity is necessary so let me share a video that might help.

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  1. I have been following the suggestions you make here of different sims in Second Life. Great suggestions, great photos, lots of places to explore. Those of us who have been in SL for a while know that there is a web and flow of points of interest. Walking about in SL is usually something many of us stop doing for sheer lack of time. Now that I, once again, have a bit more time on my hands, your blog became a fantastic roadmap to rediscover one of the most amazing things one can do in SL, admire the creativity of others. Thank you!

  2. Inara Pey

     /  September 10, 2012

    The apparent fix drove me up the wall on Sunday. Apologies for the DMs, as I was getting irritating results, even with sky shots, with some showing the problem and some not (they were only persistent with Firestom and Exodus.

    It’s doubly annoying after a lengthy discourse on my own blog (and in-world) with a photographer who hasn’t even realised there *is* an issue taking images at high res with deferred on / off, and who is certain his images are tiling-free (although his SL girlfriend does apparently have the issue).

    So, “Grrr” …

      • Inara Pey

         /  September 10, 2012

        And it was Saturday, not Sunday, which shows how far up the wall it drove me :). Think I actually got half-way across the ceiling as well….

        I should also echo Lizzie’s words. Your images have been inspiring for me to try harder and be more creative (and poke at viewer settings!) more. On that note, have you peeked at Will Weaver’s Phototools? Only available for Firestorm atm, but interesting.

      • thank you :)

        I haven’t,no. But then I don’t use firestorm. I have looked at all the buttons available in Niran’s though.

  3. Daddio Dow

     /  September 14, 2012

    OOOh! So nice words. ;-) and on my birthday to boot! wooot, Thanks Honour.

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