On the Street in Second Life

Edo Japan Sekisyo (moderate)

My friends think it’s very amusing that I’m not permitted to drive anywhere on the grid. If you have seen any of the (admittedly) bizarre accidents I’ve had then you’ll understand why the idea of me behind the wheel of anything makes intelligent avatars cringe.

Uccie↑ sent me a landmark for a place she thought I could practice. This is a great sim↑ and, yes, you can rez vehicles and travel these gorgeous roads. I won’t bother telling you the results of my excursion, I’m sure the police report is quite thorough.

Gulf of Lauren (moderate)

As I was recovering I started to think about all the roads & paths & streets we have inworld. For some creators they are just a way of delineating parcels – for others they are an integral part of the design and are built with care and attention.

I’ve seen a lot of great routes on the grid. Everything from mountain trails to freeways. I thought I’d share just a few of the ones I’ve visited recently.

Finlandia (moderate)

The whole point of a trail should be to take you somewhere or facilitate your progress through something. I’ll avoid all the trite and cliched metaphors about life paths etc., which you might be dreading.

The truth is I just like roads. Even if I’m forced to walk them. :)

D3 Michigan (adult)

The last shot is still in keeping with today’s theme but I thought Ahuva↑ would appreciate a glimpse of these characters approaching a country lane (she has a duck fetish).

I should hasten to add that they were in no danger from me. The doctors tell me I’ll be up and around soon, but I won’t be driving a car anytime in the near future, if ever.

Cours (adult)
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  1. I have never seen you drive, but I’m a bit worried that an entire Sim may not be enough for you when flying.

  2. Dear Ms. Landlubber: Well then when in a vehicular mood be a passenger. I travel extensively by car, motorcycle, skybike, hot air balloon, zepplin, helicopter, airplane (though those are more of a “let’s see how far I can get” challenge game, since they go too fast for the practicalities of SL generally, and just flying back and forth over the Blake Sea Regions gets old fast), sailboat (my current obsession), rowboat, motorboat, slow-drifting raft, submarine (travelling the Grid underwater reveals fun surprises sometimes), horseback, and a wide variety of fantasy or combination vehicles (Cuby Terra’s ORCA, for example, is very handy — it’s a plane that can dive below the water and become a submarine, travel above, below, or at the surface of the sea, and land on either ground or water). I love walking (I often walk rather than teleport or fly my AV), but vehicles really increase immersion in my view.

    • Every time I get in a vehicle something outrageous happens. Last year we were driving all the art cars around at Burn2 (before it opened) for a video. I was driving something that looked like a bird or dragonfly (can’t remember), it had big wings and a head anyway. Somehow it tipped over onto its nose and I was stuck. The wings kept flapping and people kept shouting advice and nothing worked. Finally Kev drove over and rammed into the front of it so it tipped back again.

      They had given me a temporary license just for the purposes of the video. I was ordered to return it.

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