Enjoying the Rain in Second Life

Rain (moderate)

I’m going to be a bit more self indulgent and whiny today. One of the canine residents in my home ate something she shouldn’t and kept me up all night for company (the princess refuses to suffer alone). At some point in the wee hours it began to rain.

Rain (moderate)

We aren’t suffering the horrible drought affecting much of the continent but I do live in an area known for being wet and grey – except it hasn’t actually rained in weeks. My psyche expects rain and it’s been missed.

Porto (moderate)

I opened the windows, listened to the soothing sound and mentally worked on my to do list (which is ugly in the extreme). The five pounds of needy dog slept of course. It was my job to sit vigil over her upset stomach.

Porto (moderate)

She must be feeling better because I managed to slip away and go inworld. Today’s photos are from two of the sims which like this weather as much as I do.

It’s clearing now so maybe the wet stuff will move to those who actually need it. I know it seems odd, but those showers did brighten my day. :)

Porto (moderate)
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  1. Quite a refreshing alternative to the bright and cloudless views that dominate much of SL, aren’t they? I’d like to visit those sims someday, where are they? Thanks for the lovely views :)


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