ACC Alpha & Pissy Servers in Second Life

ACC Alpha (moderate)

I never really know what I’m going to find when I land somewhere. Sometimes I discover that a photo which led me to explore a sim was so well done it obscured the fact that the destination (in my eyes) was really ordinary. On the other hand, somedays I find something new to love or something I really should have already known.

Today I followed a suggestion from Rhyton↑ and went to ACC Alpha↑. I was delighted, and somewhat mortified, to realize this is an island city built by one of my favourite artists, Haveit Neox↑.

Like all of his large builds, the infrastructure is extensive and complex and beautifully done. Add the art on top of that and it’s a joyous place for somebody like me.

ACC Alpha (moderate)

I apologize to Have and my readers – I should have visited and shared this region long ago. There is a LOT to see and explore – I latched on to some of his work for (what I thought would be) the first few photos. Enjoy his “men”, sit in a floating chair and experience a story of musical robbers, climb a tower and ride a board. As you do all of that enjoy the wonders of his talent.

Typically when I set out to photograph a region or installation I capture many images and try to display what I think are the best. However, today you’re stuck with the few I managed to save before the grid kicked me off, good or bad they’re the only ones I could use.

The past couple of days have been a little challenging inworld – at least for me. I was trying to get somewhere yesterday but wound up touring a variety of adult hubs because no destination was available (somehow the adult stuff always seems to be). In fact I kept getting a message that maybe I should change my home location – like that was going to do any good.

ACC Alpha (moderate)

One of the things these adult destinations reminded me, as I looked at my fellow stranded travellers, is that some people put waaaaaaaay too much information in their titles and display names. Odd sexual proclivities are personal and, certainly permissible in these restricted regions, but do you really need to describe them in detail above your head? I know far too much about some avatars I hope to never encounter again. :)

Seeing Have’s region↑ this morning made things much better – at least til I crashed. I’ll go back and indulge myself and try for better images once the servers get over whatever caused their pissy mood. I barely got started seeing everything – go visit, you’ll have better luck I’m sure.

ACC Alpha (moderate)
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