Las Islas de Second Life

Las Arenas Rosadas (moderate)

I don’t usually “go tropical” but I found myself wandering a cluster of islands this morning collectively (and in one case individually) known as Las Islas. The first place I landed was Las Arena Rosadas↑ which has a shack full of great tropical waves and shells and more for creating and decorating your own paradise.

Las Arenas Rosadas (moderate)

It also had a teleport to the larger store on a different island however, I was there in the middle of all the sim restarts and couldn’t actually get to Las Lagunas↑. Luckily for you Quan↑ was there a few days ago and has great photos of that build.

I was going to wait out the restarts on a comfy hammock I saw swaying in the breeze. I changed my mind.

Las Arenas Rosadas (moderate)

I did make it to two more of the sims. The builders have used great textures and have a good eye for landscaping and layout. There is no sense of crowding or haphazard rezzing. You can find small, detailed, and pleasing vignettes everywhere.

Las Azules (moderate)

These islands are relaxed and gorgeous and there were enough pretty objects and images to keep me busy for a long time with my camera. I look forward to seeing the rest of the regions once LL is finished with their weekly exercise, the architecture I glimpsed is well worth another visit. :)

Las Islas (moderate)
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  1. A really awesome chain of islands. When folks ask me about a nice, tropical but not adult place to visit, I recommend Las Islas. Many pix on my blog were shot there, but none as nice as yours.


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