Strolling Les Champs Elysees in Second Life

Les Champs Elysees (moderate)

I always have great intentions when I start out capturing images for the blog. This morning my explorations were interrupted by multiple conversations – all of which were interesting and all of which were welcome, it just means I was a little rushed.

I started today from two different directions – this photo↑ by Koro Carnell, which reminded me of the sims, and the fact that one of my newbie acquaintances didn’t know about them. So, just to refresh everybody’s memory I went to Les Champs Elysees↑ and took some pics.

Les Champs Elysees (moderate)

One of the things I love about these builds are the little vignettes placed around the city. It’s not just the big iconic works that give them an atmosphere that is so seductive.

Pay attention to the details as well. It’s one of those destinations everybody should experience. :)

Les Champs Elysees (moderate)
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