Nosy Llamas, Laughing Dodos & Other Hazards of Second Life

Arcadia (moderate)

It was to be a simple enough exercise. I went to Arcadia↑, one of those “romantic” sims, to take some shots of mesh objects and experiment with light and shadow.

I really liked the pot and was changing angles to include a vase of flowers when this llama showed up.

Arcadia (moderate)

He wasn’t there when I started and he wouldn’t leave. I tried explaining it wasn’t any of his business what I was doing but he disagreed – apparently it’s his bar.

So fine, I went over to some stained glass and tried out a few different settings to see what impact the light would have when I heard laughter.

Arcadia (moderate)

I told this guy he was extinct (which was harsh I know, but damn they’re pushy).

Once again I left and headed for the beach thinking there must be a shell or something I could use in a still life. I ran into the grumpiest camel on the grid.  Not only does he spit but I think he’s been eating mexican food. He has gas issues.

Arcadia (moderate)

I gave up and went home for a shower.

This made me feel better though. :)

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    (of people sick at the thought)


  2. Must be Photobomb Day. Thanks for the warning (and for showering).

  3. I’ve been looking for a decent llama for a looong time.


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