Sunset in Second Life & Gimp Plugins

Sunset (adult)

I had another hard drive episode – I swear this thing is just messing with me. I went back to one that had failed a few weeks ago and, of course, it acted like there had never been a problem. I still had to upgrade a few things including Gimp.

One of my important bookmarks is the site↑ where you can not only get this application but also some useful plugins which install easily. If you’re on Windows and trying to load plugins this is a site you want.

Sunset (adult)

The critical plugin for those having to deal with the tiling bug is the resynthesizer. That and blur are crucial for getting rid of lines and fixing clouds that have developed sharp edges. Once you have the plugins installed you’ll find the former under filters/enhance/heal selection.

If for some reason there are two, you want the one that let’s you dictate sides or top & bottom as well as outside/in. Try to limit the width to something slightly larger than your selection.

Sunset (adult)

I typically don’t do much to an image apart from cleanup but decided this morning to see what some of the other plugins did.

I went to Sunset↑ (an adult sim which doesn’t permit nudity for some reason) and captured some random images. Then I’d click on buttons to see what happened.

Tone mapping might be useful – if I try it in Niran’s↑ viewer I usually crash. It’s not something you want all the time but it’s there – I used it on the top image.  A few different “sharpen” options are included but don’t ask me what the difference is, I’m not that educated. :)

Sunset (adult)

One of them – Sharpen with Synthesis – takes an extremely long time. I decided for that reason alone not to undo it. You can try and describe what it did – I’ll just leave this last image as an example of the wonders of buttons. :)

Now I really have to get back to my to do list – the damn thing is breeding.

Sunset (adult)
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