Cupcake, Cheesecake & Messages in Second Life

Cupcake (moderate)

There are only 3 images today although that wasn’t my intention. Things got a little weird. My explorations began with this photo↑, the sim looked like it was worth a visit and it is.

Both Cupcake↑ and its sister sim, Cheesecake↑, are french-styled shopping districts with cobblestone streets and eccentric buildings.  They are gorgeous and inspiring for somebody with an itchy camera finger. :)

The weird part started when I decided to try the beta viewer. First of all I saw a message that was new to me: I’d land on a sim and be told that I should really rebake the region if I wanted to change that texture and then be given a button to do so. hmmmmmmmmm Well rebaking regions seems like a useful tool.

Cupcake (moderate)

Textures were taking forever to download but I can be patient. However, when I went to the next sim and tried to do the picture thing I kept crashing. Then I got another message I hadn’t seen before, this one from Windows.

Apparently my Second Life texture files were corrupted. I had to go through lots of restarting and disk checking and general misery. I think a series of uninstalling and starting over is in order. I’ll just avoid the beta and see if that helps.

Trust me – you should visit these two islands. I have to go play with viewer downloads.

Cupcake (moderate)
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