Ode to an Icon, The Cube Project in Second Life

The Cube Project (general)

There are those misguided souls who see the shape and dismiss it as a humble, simplistic and even boring entity. Others have studied this perfect form, the sublime corners/faces/angles, and created poetry & music and articulated its metaphysics and philosophy.

Our consciousness and experience of the world can be analyzed↑ within the multi-dimensional space it encloses.

Then there is the art.

The cube is at once both a playground and a tool for exploration.

The Cube Project (general)

In Second Life the cube is iconic. It is the first shape any of us “create”. We abuse it and malign it and dismiss it as a hunk of plywood worth little consideration. The reality is that this gem of geometry is potential in a smooth angular form.

It is our shame that we do not give this shape the credit and reverence it is due.

The Cube Project↑ has taken a giant step in the effort to address this issue and celebrate the inherent beauty and utility of this structure.

The Cube Project (general)

Twenty-five artists:

Bryn Oh, Cajska Carlsson, Charlotte Bartlett, Dancoyote Antonelli, Haveit Neox, Kicca Igaly, L1Aura Loire, Lapiscean Liberty, London Junkers, Misprint Thursday, Maya Paris, Nessuno Myoo, Oberon Onmura, PatriciaAnne Daviau, Pol Jarvinen, Rag Randt, Rowan Derryth, Sea Mizin, Secret Rage, Remington Aries, Solo Mornington, Tony Resident, Tyrehl Byk, Werner Kurosawa and Xineohp Guisse.

Twenty sims.

Five days to build.

11 days to experience.

The Cube Project (general)

The cube is used to construct, to illustrate, to fascinate. There is movement and sound and light. There are landscapes that change and reveal and disconcert. It is art and and art on a grand scale.

Set your environment to ‘region default’. Each of the sims has a special windlight setting. Make sure your sound and media are enabled. Give yourself time – exploring 20 sims is not done quickly. However, do it soon. This massive collaboration won’t be there for long.

The Cube Project (general)
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